Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy

100th post!

Who knew Id last this long?
My dear KAG once said "Ugh dont like be like one of those people who like blog for like a second and like dump it" or something like that.
She's my guru. As I am your guru. A guru needs a guru. And she's mine.

So I accomplished a few things this weekend.
A lot more than I thought.
Firstly I was able to finally catch up on a weeks worth of sleep until I was rudely awakened by my brain.
"Jihee. What is wrong with you. Youre stewing and staring. You have things to do. People are looking for you. Dont ignore me. You cant ignore me I am your brain. Become one with me Jia. Life awaits. Im opening the pod doors, Jia. Dont fuck up."

Thats what my brain looks like.
She's kind of in charge. And she's also kind of scary at times.
And this is what the rest of me felt like when she woke me. Well, kinda.


AH so...

Chip is getting closer to coming back to life.
Travis helped me figure out exactly where Chip was falling apart. As you can see here, and here:



The cracks in the fan of the flywheel were making it SRSLY F-ing hard to move the crank and well, RUN. A DOI!
Luckily, Sath had a spare and I was off my merry way. (Sath is also the best GM ever. No thats not a general manager. THATS GAME MASTER).
So I cleaned as much as I could and examined it and tried to envision things working, the most wonderful contraption that it is.
I wouldnt have been able to do it without Travis and his "soft, supple yet strong hands." The self professed "Smartest In The Fleet" wins my trust but dont tell him that dont you dare! I like to keep him guessing. Also, dont tell him that he makes me feel electric, STILL. And that we kissed for the first time 4 months ago today. But you can remind how I hated him when I first met him because he made fun of Chip.
Messing with Chip is like messing with my emotions.

Moving on, this is why Travis thinks Chip is so dang slow.

Im kind of the caboose in the Fleet.
Well, when Kam Guild is off the clock.
And when Karb Dust is not going up a hill.

Yet even still, I keep up and really, thats all that matters, right?
NO. My hatred for most slow moving things and how my own slow moving moped makes me want to go on a murdering spree. But I keep that shit on lockdown. Because Im scared of jail.

Chip will be graced with a new kit soon.

In other news...

Linda came back and she is now a Kabbalist.

Dont even ask or whatever.
Im just glad she's back.
We've been catching up like craze.

What else can I tell you...
My most fave gallery is the Ambach & Rice in Ballard.
The shows have been consecutively top notch and my gaaaaad.
If you missed this one then you missed it all.
So dont be a dummy.

And what else.

Im rethinking my halloween costume.
Im not as hyped anymore and I dont know what to do!

And fall is here.

I go home soon.
I hope it snows.
I cant wait to thrift at my most fave sto.
And real real time with KAG.
Real dirty time with Janny.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Tally Ho!

Guess what Im doing all weekend?

Op Chip and la bête shoppe pour le mariage de Trina feat. Naz.
"Cleaning" and maybe even a meeting of the minds at my place.
The leaves are changing and Linda is back!
Pocahaunted comes alive and practicing my spookytune.
Teepee and hoping for an Atwater! like weekend soon.
Shapeshifting kind of with "Great Stuff."
And staring at that dreamboat cuz it creeps him out to the maxi pad.
And experience what its like to sleep for a long time.
And wishing I could have breakfast with Tom and Jerry.
And remembering how to read.


Dance of Joy.
Dance of Joy.
I will bringeth that Yance of Yoy.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Over Yonder I Once Did See Chip n Otto Hatin On Me

And when I can Ill hold his face and remember that I am safe.
Like Whitney to Kevin C.
Aint nobody take his place.

Also, today is the kind of day to stay home and watch Ellen, if its still on.
Also, I think I might be pretty close to caving in, to finally say those words I only shudder to think...I need help. Not halp. Real help.
I dont know what to do about Chip and Otto. And the last person who said theyd help me just put the fucking thing together themselves because they werent patient enough or was anxious or whatever bullshit reason then sent me away with metal shards shooting at me with an "Its your problem now" sendoff. So you see, Ive been a little turned off by asking anyone for help. But at least I know now that there are people who actually do care and want to help people, and not make them feel like fucktards, invalids, ungrateful beasts and/or an irrelevant joke. News flash, I YAM NONE OF THOSE.

So Im going to try, once more. And fiddle with Chips guts.
And head over to the subarbs and tap on Matt Smudge's door.
And slap Ottos new carb.
And just look at things running if they run.

Oh GAD. I really miss you.

And you.

And you.

Und you.

And of course you.

And you.

And you when my boyfriend calls me a liar for telling him I was surrounded by 20 crusty punks on razor scooters.

And totally you.

And I guess everyone else.

and of course...hai mami

Monday, October 19, 2009


One Two Three Four Five Six.

Pocahaunted will be a fun fix.

Saturday was a nice day.
With the midwest-like rains working in our favor and leaving us somewhat dry, we went to a pumpkin patch. Something I hadnt done since I was 6, probs.

Kam Gyold found a friend.

Ann smashed things to bits because they deserved it.

Good girl.

And I hate turkeys and refuse to eat these disgusting creatures.

But still love Tim Reardon.

What are winters like in Scoliosis, WA?

I think the forthcoming lack of sun has me pumped for some winter time BASIC ELECTRONICS FUN TIME. Ill have to take apart solar panels from yard lights and figure out how to hook up gold leds to it with cute little toggle switches. Because sometimes we have to trap the damn sun in a jar and put it up to our faces and remember that the eternal night will not be our eternal day. And that we shouldnt always wear black on the outside because black is how we feel on the inside, Morrissey.

Ill warm your face this winter, thats a promise.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Magic The Gathering, In My Small Brain

Sometimes something really magical happens to my hair and it makes the rest of the day even more magical, spiritual and aware.

I only wish it would happen every day but then it wouldnt be as spesh.

Also, I wonder how many cats named "Steve" there are in the whole world.
"Stefan" included. Maybe even "Stephanne."

And there, over yonder, between Literary Criticism and oh god Poetry youll find one Sarah Vowell definitely not lurking or looking hungry or ready for an attack. This Sarah Vowell is just waiting.

I had a bit of a hard time listening as I usually listen to her alien voice while laying down and have only read parts of Assasination Vacation while in Chicago's infamous rush hour traffic which is nothing like Rush Hour 1, 2 and/or Three.

Can you hear the words coming out of my mouth ok?!

I wanted to lay down on the commericial carpeting or at least wander off somewhere but still keeping an ear out but the carpeting scared me and I wondered how many dust mites and poo particles and dead skin cells were inbedded in the carpeting and also I didnt want to SRSLY embarrass Natalie. We were on a date. Travis said no kissing. And we didnt. But we did hold hands and ran across two streets. A cop watched us. It was raining. I own a child sized rain coat that does not fit over my breasts.
In the end, I left the reading somewhat satisfied but not jazzed.
But def jazzed for pho with Natalie. We kind of think we came from the same sperm and egg combo. There are minor things that separate us such as she is naturally curly and I am straight and she is white and I am related to Kim Jong Illinois. A few life experiences and skills differ. But all in all we share many many many frigheningly similar things. Call the kettle black, we twins.

So like I have mentioned in other blogge (That's french for "blog") posts, Fautumn/Autall is here and for the city of Seattoe aka Shark Week, WA and the rain poureths down often. Ive noticed that a few of my brothren hate riding in the rain but I refuse to let that stop me. In fact, its only an excuse to dress as the Gorton's fisherman and or others.

Boy oh boy cant wait to shop!

And also, I wish I had more time to work on things.
And I will due time.

Also, I need to invent something as dumb as this:

And make some stupid amounts of money.

So I can buy a strawberry tree. We have one right outside our office!

And of course I had to know what was inside.

OK bie now!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fear Not, The Fall Cometh

In Chicago, Fall/Autumn aka "Fautumn" or "Autall" used to be my most fave season mainly because the Summers usually choked your/my/our lungs of all its goodness. That goodness would be air.
My lungs would be filled with many things and the crisp cool air usually somehow flushed out these things. You see. Chicagross summer air was usually heavily perfumed with garbage, ammonia, regret and exhaust fumes.

Also, everything melted into each other and made many people very very very irritable.

And confused.

Basically. People lost their shit.

The Fautumn in Seattle so far has been SRSLY cold.
I know. I should be used to this. Piece of cake Id say but holy boogee balls.
I cant take it. Nao, I experience a yarfing sensation when I am too cold.
I am embarrassed of this feeling and hope I refrain from yarfing all over the place.

One nice thing Ive noticed as the seasons have changed is this.
Starlings moving around more. Or at least I think they are.
Unfortunately, my surprise was faster than my camera.
But bee lee dat.
There were shit tons of brrrrrrds.

But not like this.

or like this.

or like this.

or like this.

well maybe like this.

or something like that.

In more recent news, every 9 thousand years, something good happens.
Im just lucky that it happened now than 3 thousand more years later.

And lets love the shit out of something from Mexico.

Oh Mexico I want you feel your sun.

Also, I tried. But will try harder tomorrow.

Also, Im starting to like my neighborhood.

Also, Im still sleeping.

My Fangs