Friday, February 27, 2009

"Things I Like" and "Arts"

Things I like a lot:

-Painting triangles, lines and most quadrilateral shapes
-Soft things
-Google Maps

-JB + KG

-Edward Hopper

-William Hogarth

aka first belle and sebastien promo photo

-Tom Friedman

-Hiraki Sawa

-David Shrigley

-Christian Marclay


-Graph Paper

-Peter Vogel


-Napping in tubs.
When my sister was born I was confused and sad. I didnt understand what was happening. So when she came home from the hospital she napped a lot with my mom, which was something I used to do EXCUSIVELY. So when she said she was too tired to play with me or too busy with my sister to just nap, I started to nap in the tub sans water. And I liked it. A lot. From that point on I was found laying in the tub many times. It made my parents sad but I liked it. It was cool and felt like a cave.

To be continued...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh I Got A Ride and/or Im Kind Of A Prostitute/Whore

In Seattle, it doesnt snow much.
So when it does people either dont go to work or they panic and whine about it.
there is probably 2 inches of snow.

I waited at my stop with 2 new faces.
Both older, elderly, and Philipino.
Lyrna and Leonard.

Chat chat chat
Chat chat chat
unidentifyable banter
Chat chat chat

Then up above down the hill of Ruffner Street a green van drove on brakes.
The elderlies scurried across the road, 34th.
I stood there damning them.
But admiring the warmth of their bond.



I then scurried across the road, 34th.
I admired the warmth of this van of Philipinos.
Lyrna, Leonard, Myra and her husband, introduced to me as HUSBAND.
We drove together downtown.
Chit chatting.
All while sitting infront of a pair of handcuffs handcuffed to the back of the passenger chair hand rail.
And I touched it to see if it was real.
Which it was.

And as we veered 'round by way of Magnolia Bridge, the bus creeped up slowly, shyly.
And we chuckled and tsk tsk-ed the straglers we left behind.
Small talk ensued.
I smiled a lot.

We parted ways at 2nd and Union.
This would have never happened in Chicago.
Keep it up Seattoe.

So I like where I work.
I like that I make people laugh.
I like saying "Good Morning!" and "Drive Safe Now!" and "Hiediddledeedee."
I like that I am capable of small talk aaaaaand like it!

What does this mean?
That I do in fact live a dual life?
Or has one taken over the other?
Am I not so pervy and sick and demented as I always thought I was?

At least I know what life Im not supposed to live.
But to stand afar and admire.

I mean.
I get satisfaction out of making people happy.
And that is SICK.

What does that make me?
What about me?
I mean.

Ive always been in charge.

And always a good partner.

And a dedicated follower of fashion.

And a fan of tasteless anythings.

And dirty as dirty can be.

But to be both?
All the time?

And get paid for it.

Perhaps I have moved into a new life.

Where I am nice to people on the phone.
And am nice to every foot that crosses my path.
Most feet.

Hot and Cold.
Hot and Cold.
Hot and Cold.
Hot and Cold.
Hot and Cold.

You care because you wonder too.

Can we please just go already.


I got "flim flammed" by a bike cop yesterday.
And was winked at.
They took my froz yogs away.

Times is weird.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We Are Like So Crushin.

And I am like so glad.


oh and....

"Miu miu skirt, The Row leather leggings (borrowed from mom-thanks!), Givenchy basket weave wedges, thrifted sweater, scarf from Urban Outfitters

I would have worn this if the weather had allowed. I am cross posting this from my mom's blog-she made
this cool shirt yesterday

Her never work mom has her own blog.


Holy Shitballs.

Not only am I impressed that I can work a WindowsPC like a dumb bitch but I am even more impressed with MS Paint.

Thanks to my new roommate and friend, Melinda, I have just been informed that something big will happen. Well, thanks to Melinda and her bf Rob Brezny.
And sorry Melinda, the big happening is not going to Olympia on Sunday and looking for Courtney Love's mom's house. SARRY!

Something major something bigger than Courtney Love's mom.

Ima gon get enlightened!

I know i know.
Cacaphones and bolognia.
Would you believe any of this if it came from this guy?

But what if he was your dad?

Like KAG-Frying Panne says A DOI!

Look. This is, like I said, major.

Things are stewing and Im getting so dizzy thinking about.
I just bought a moped.
Something I have wanted all my life.
And now itll be a part of me like periods and impulse shopping fig. 1-3.

fig. 1

fig. 2

fig. 3

Something cosmic is happening.
I mean first it was North Korea.
Then it was catching up on Lost seasons 1-4.
Then it was my moms dog (fig. 6) attacking my thigh.

fig. 6

Then it was this, that will never happen to me, like, ever.

Then I move away to the west.
Impossible possible!
I mean come on. I went away to London twice.
I thought it was my only home.
But I am starting to like Seattle.
And now Rob Brezny is telling me that something serious is stewing.


Im ready.


My god I am DIZZY with questions!!!
Arent you?
I mean...

Who will I become?

Who will be my guide?

Will I be in a Death In June cover band?

Can I really eat anything on fries?

Can I?


Should I?

Will I find a new home?

Will she ever call me back?

Will I ever clean my room?

Will I ever run into the most awkward moment of my life?

Am I going to start making clothes or like, what!

Will I make the right decisions?

Will I be a hero?

Will it be the best time of my life?

Would my roommates get mad if I "lost" the cats?

Will I ever be comfortable with happy?

Will it work this time?

When will I fish?

Will I win?

But most importantly,


Oh boy.

I am boggled to the max.

My Fangs