Friday, February 25, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

If We All Wore Shorts And Tube Tops Would Summer Start Earlier?

I think the reason I hate mornings is because 5 of my mornings a week is only to make money.
But when I wake to find this outside my comfy home, a smile appears. The fog, I dream, will consume the people I see those 5 days a week and Ill arrive to a quiet dark office.
Fear not friends, I am looking and looking for my next venture as this burnout is at its weak ends. HEWRAY!!!!!!!!!!! GLITTER!!!!!!!!!!

If I could create this into a Vermeer still life I would have a reason to quit my day job, FOREVER.

Last weekend Travis, Fart Smith and I took a trip to Portland.
We stayed with Maggie because she is so sweet. I kissed her soft cheek.
She is very sweet.
She lives so close to HELLO LOOK FAMILIAR ?!

Yeah that’s right. That’s the feminist bookstore on that hit show Portlandia.
You know. I like it. Maybe because Carrie Brownstein is soooooo cute. And Fred Armisen is so weird looking.
Hot and cold. Black and yellow.

I like Portland but I know I could and would never live there.
Maybe it’s the size. Maybe its the pace. Maybe its homeless guy who wasn’t shy to touch Matt’s shoulder.
I don’t know. Maybe because it’s a reminder of how I used to live, in a loft space in the West Loop packed in like sardines surrounded by people living a very sad, incestuous life.

But hot dog the food is so dang good.
Even something as simple as brussels sprouts and rice YOM YOM.


We took trip to the Burnside skate park because Trav is such a SK8R BOI. Amidst being SICK, AGAIN I enjoyed the colors.

And the little girl, 6 or 7 years old, who came up to me on a razor scooter, like an angel, “Hi! Chinese?”
She scooted away before I picked up my jaw.

But then I saw my cute new shoes.

And thought of my weathered nerd crush.

And witnessed a tender moment.

And honest signs.

Then just recently, Travis and I took a journey to Magnusen Park. Our mission was to get to the infamous Sound Garden.
We never really got there but heard it thru the naked branches and swarm of dogs. Yes. Dogs. Everywhere.
Thank you Seattle, for having such beautiful parks. And mountains and water and this and that.
And very euro urinals. EURINALS!


Why would someone leave all those cheese balls?!

I will not deny that if he fell I would have laughed. I would have ROFLcopter right on the dirt. Like Three Stooges style.

Hi cute trees!

Hi sad house!

And more trees and things!

And naughty kids!

And for kites!

And for the first grill of the season with funny new friends from a little place called Tempe, AZ.


Happy Valentines deedles to my sweet talkin guy.

Friday, February 11, 2011

My Fangs