Thursday, March 26, 2009

Love Love Love In My Bun Bun Bun

I love Pulp.

Maybe even more than

But there are too many things I love.
Such as
-Head bopping
-Alan Partridge
-Trying to out-do Stephen Morris on my lunch break
-Chip, my moped
-The Earl Grey
-My dad's ramen noodles which usually has
-An egg or two
-Green onions
-A hot pepper
-Red pepper flakes
-Kim chee
-Encased meats if he's got'em
-Sticky rice cakes if they're avail
-Children Crying

-Hugging Hard
-Matthew Collings
-Fresh Roses

-Plantain Sandwiches
-Double Feature Hitchcocks

But I also love music.
With my mom being an opera singer, my dad being a Messiahs 'n' such fan and conductor, and my cousin Tom who let me be the slide in his guitar jammerthorn, and my other cousin Hyun Joon who would tell me in 7th grade that Chick Corea and Pink Floyd may change my life if i was smart enough. Jazz Fusion Jiya. Jazz Fusion!

And I love these in that fist beating chest kind of way.

I cant go on.
For now.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And I Get The Ones I Love The Most Almost Fired.

JB and KG.
It could have been you.

At my new job I am one of the main health and safety people.
This means I will soon be CPR and Defibulator trained.

And with this job I get to hunt out harmful chemicals in the office.
And of course, edit the "Emergency Plan."

And I did.
And I found it the most fun.

*Jenny walks to front desk. Receptionist Diane is there, scowling.*
---Hi, Diane. You didn't, by chance, get a...weird...fax...did you? My
friend said she sent me a joke. Sorry. I told her not to.
Diane: *scowling, mouth opens, eyes squint*
---You mean this one?
Jenny: *looking at fax in her hands rife with checkmarks, sees word "Jihee
---Um...yes. I think so. Yes.
Diane:.. *glowering, furrowed brow*
---You know, I was about to go to PATRICIA with that.
(Patricia is HR.)
---Oh, why? What does it say. She said it was a joke.
Diane: *eyebrows jumping, fuming, quiver in voice....she's VERY hyperbolic,
had a stroke at age 54 due to stress*
---'What does it say'? READ IT. If it's a joke, it's certainly not funny.
You don't joke about that.
Jenny: *looks down, sees words"bomb" and "animal" *
---Oh...I'm so sorry, Diane. She didn't mean to send it up here. It was...I
told her no more. So, yeah. Bad joke. Sorry! Thanks for not telling.
Diane:.. *disapproving mother look, wrinkled lip on top shows teeth*
---Not funny. Jenny, No.
Jenny: *walking away, head looking back, smiling apologetically*
---I know, I know. Okay. We'll be in Conference Room F if anyone needs us.
Thanks, Diane. Sorry!,
Ashley (Jenny's assistant): *leaning into paper, smiling maniacally"
---Oh my god, bomb threat! Boyfriend! Yes.
*Jenny and Ashley laugh hysterically in Conference Room F. I love you,
Jihee. You almost got me fired.*

It's true!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oh Rapture, My Wings of Desire..."Little Bravo" or "Chip"

This is it.
We are together, finally, and my heart beats thrice as fast, as and when we are as one.
You of all are now the only thing that makes me feel young and old.
For you came to me in a torrent wind to fill this void.
You are the guide.
And when I hold your hands I am excited and I am frightened.
I love you for who you are and how together we are greater than this life.
I am free You are free We are free.
Oh Little Bravo.
Oh Chip.
My wings of desire.
I will care for you and love you until I am no more.

Bitchin infinite!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This Is What Its Been Like Since Ive Lived Here and Radical Sabbatical #1

I have lived in Seattle and this is what its like.

"Is it going to rain today?"

Yes it is.
No its not.
Yes it is.
No its not.
Yes it is.
No its not.
Yes it is.
No its not.
Yes it is.
No its not.
Yes it is.
No its not.
Yes it is.
No its not.
Yes it is.
No its not.
Yes it is.
No its not.
Yes it is.
No its not.

The emotions of this typical interaction generally produce a feeling such as my face, shown here in fig. 13.

fig. 13

I think MicroSoft Excel is kick ass.
Carefully managing my time to compile lists upon lists in perfectly organized fashion about many things such as :

-Things to grow in my garden
-The "artists" that resided in my now depressed and unresponsive 3rd generation iPod
-Animals I would like to own
-Places I would like to go
-International Flights
-Places to learn how to surf
-Reasons why I have to move again
-Things to buy
-Baby names
-Movies to watch
-Books to read
-Things to bring when camping
-Symptoms of a heart attack and stroke
-Names of my biography

The excitement I get from these lists transform me into a better place.
A Radical Sabbatical, if you will.

And you will!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Today Is Like The Darkest Day Of My Life

I dropped my ipod this morning.
It fell flat onto the ground.
It continued to play.
But when I went to the next song it skipped to the next song and the next and the next.
Then it started to click.
Then my heart started to hurt.

And now it lays next to me.
Open, cold and unresponsive.
I had never mistreated you, ever.
And now I scream your name only to hear your faint repetitive click and whir.

I want to hide under my desk and cry.
Rock back and forth maybe.
Suck my thumb.

Oh god the last 5 years of collected tunes.
My only salvation from this weird life.

Nothing makes sense to me right now.

Madness may cometh at my door.

I am feeling scared and lost.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bangin Bangers n Mashery

Whats bitchin is the fact that in 9 days I will be with moped.
I am still thinking of names.
I like Buddy.
I also like His Mom In a Wheelchair.
I also like eating new foods.
I also like bloody marys with lots of things in them.
Such as
-pickled carrots
-pickled asparagus
-pickled mushrooms
-pickled garlic
-pickled brussels sprout
-pickled beet
-pickled pearl onyonne
-ickle me pickle me tickle me too went on a ride in a flying shoe

I also like blowing the morning shit out of my butt-hole(to be said like Danny McBride in Pineapple Express. If not seen please view clip below).

I also wish there was a way to place syllables on octaves.
I also love that I grew up with Shel Silverstein and weird fairy/faerie tales.
I also love my too early exposure to the intro to Mystery!.

I also listen to this song every morning on the bus.

I also listen to this song every morning on the bus.

I also love cooking for a good crowd.
I also find making new friends easy, frightening, and fun.
I also think yogurt/yoghurt is so yums in my tums.
I also love the idea that I will be living alone again.
I also love that I can appreciate good knives and pots und pans.
I also love that I have a great friend named Dirt who picks out the best Vampire, Walrus, Cards, Kitchen Timer, Dictionary, Valentines, Calypso Wig.
I am also remembering a time that happy time long ago when I found myself more in tune.
All right out of sight.

The blood of life DIANA RIGG!!!!

NoteC. Walken's hand.

My Fangs