Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I move not in ten months or six months, I move in one month.
I am scared and excited but more eggcited because a new home means new works, or a continuance of dormant works.
I dont know why I put things the way they are, but when I photograph them, to me, its as if they should stay that way or they were born into that position.
Also, all I can see in this photo is my ghost.

But here, I am clearly taking the photo of Linda.

New home, where are ye?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Celestial Advice

I move in a month and a half. You can look at it like 1.5 or 1 1/2 or one hand open one hand closed. Or something like that.

Anyway, Im happy that Ill be living with my friend Kurt.
I mean wouldn't you be?

Not Karl since I HATE his guts. Anyhewdles. I am eggcite but also very worried that we wont find the right place. If thats the case, Ill be living with him, sleeping on his coffee table.

In other news, allergies are bullshit and are robbing the general happiness of most.
It's true. Not only am I mildly psychic, Im also REEEEEALLY smart.

Also, Ive been riding Otto 'round town.
The other day we rode on the Viaduct. It was equally lovely and frightening. One drastic mess could mean Jihee over the bridge. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESPLAT.

And a sad day for all.

Oh come on. I wont REEEEEEEEEALLY die.

I'll write more when I get a chance but in the meantime. Keep me on the tits.

But just as a friend.

Also, I joined a gym and teevee is sooooooo great.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Im As Old As Thee Internets

My best pal JANNY sent me this.
Anything this precious she gets at work she'll eventually send my way.
I might get in trouble but maybe smothering her with hugs will spare my life.

Anyway, she's a magnet for dumb shit, cool shit, r'tarded shit, fun shit, lovely shit, colorful shit. Needless to say, she's full of wonderful shit and I can't wait for you all to meet her THIS WEEKEND.


Also, why are old people so angry all the time.
I can't wait until Im old. I will have a streak of white hair and be the main supporter of my grandkids pranks. Ill also hold peoples hands more. Ill also be a lot shorter. But thats ok. Ill just look 40 when Im 80. Good deal.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Nazaroff's Are Awesome

For the record, you should all know that I think Trina feat. Naz are awesome people.
Generous, kind and of wizard breed, they are incomparable. And good people to have a meal with. And my most fave married couple. SORRY MOM AND DAD.

Naz is guiding the way towards the resurrection of OTTO with Trina as moral support.
He's a really good teacher and helped me understand the Motobecane better, and helped emphasize the many strange qualities of this breed.
Finicky and tight-assed, it may be the only Motobecane I will ever own.

Here, take a gander at this.

1- This little nub used to hold the stock carb but it was getting in the way of everything. So we sawed it off in the style of "lumberjacks."

2- This little device is for the right pedal chain. The way it was positioned when it arrived at the shop was very odd, so Naz unscrewed it and we fiddled with it until we felt like the chain was in its proper place. Dumb French.

3- The SHA carb on there clipped the choke arm but Naz said not to worry. The dumb ass motor clipped it as we tested the swing distance. Putting the throttle and choke cables into the carb was a bit of a bitch, so Naz drilled the holes bigger so the knarps would slide thru. Hooking the knarps inside the carb was pretty fun. Maybe more fun than that dumb frustrating game PERPLEXUS.

4- The Dell'Orto SHA 15.15 carb (or as Naz calls it, "SHA") fit in nicely to the intake but like I just mentioned, the dumb ass swing clipped the choke arm. No biggie smalls. The carb came with a 68 jet. HOW NICE. When we tested the bike later, I had replaced it with a 78 jet. But when I changed it back, I found tiny dusted bits of rust. I thought acid cleaned it out but OH WELL. Hopefully a good fuel filter will help.

5- Heres a son of a bitch spring thats connected to the motor. The rubber mount that holds the screw in place was so gnarly so we replaced it with one that Naz had, thankfully. It was much better than the 2 I had. So we tried and tried for a long while to get it all to fit, and eventually, with enough vice grip magic, we got everything to slip in place. It was a bitch but we shut that bitch up.

6- As you can see, NO RUBBAGE betwix the pulley and the variator nubs. Originally, the two were grinding up against each other with every tiny pull of the throttle. And metal shards were spitting all over the place. But thankfully we were able to diagnose. He added another set of barrings, making it 3, and of a higher quality "FAG." I liked that he tested the swing distance many times to see if there was enough clearance for the motor. How nice.

7- This would be the wires to my tail light. Perhaps the last thing needed is the electrical work, which will happen in the immediate future. All I ever wanted was a nice tail light. But Im a little hesitant just because many of the wires have been rudely clipped. Oh well. Im learning. And thats the most important thing.

8- New motor mounts! Swings like butter! Unlike the pedals. Where Naz describes them as a "rusty butter." DEE-LISH!

9- The thing I really hate about the Motobecane is that you cant even get the spark boot off easily. Well, sure you can swing the motor back and then take it off but its just one of those things that are just fucking dumb.

10- Pegs will be the very last thing I put onto this bike. After it gets powdercoated by Phil, the father of Chip. Once the pegs are on, Ill be able to hop my babe on back and I'll know summer is here.


Hopefully the electrical work, the new coils, and maybe even a CDI will get OTTO into tip top shape. Im going to keep my fingers crossed very tightly. Oh! And a new pipe (Naz suggested a mishmashed frankensteined Hobbit/Moby pipe) and a new seat. That BETA seat is GRODY! Just look at it! As Tim Burtonny as it is, its gross. Even a rat stopped gnawing on it cuz its just too dang gross.

GHOST WHEELIE!!!!!!!!!!!

Trina and I wondered if all these problems we're facing is because Otto just doesnt want to be resurrected.

Thanks dudes. PREECIATE.


My Fangs