Friday, August 28, 2009

Michael Keaton Was The Best Batman Ever


Work is getting weirder.
Im convinced the older you get the more you whine because whining to get good at whining will only result in the reaper not comin round to take ye away that way ye can live to see 2080 and chimps dispensing soda at the corner soda jerk.
Also, soda jerks will come back by 2080.
If my hypoths is correct, then Ill test that thru other methods by getting good at other things. I will have you know, I have impeccable aim.
Since the act of whining is like sooooooooooo far from what I do and there are way too many things to do before I die, like waiting for the reaper creepin. Or crumpin.

Also, my most favorite thing might be watching animals looking at other animals.
Do you know why?
Theyre thinking, plotting, avenging.

I am excited for Sacramentii, as it will be my first trip to Californion.

Outrageousness will be had and I will stop at nothing to watch a good old fashioned bar brawl.
URRRRRRRRRRREEEK! (the stool scootch back)
And Ill be there to watch in all its honky glory.

Then we'll go to Atwater for the last Polini Race.
There I will watch and learn and watch and learn then in the springtime by the springtime I will have something. Something so fierce and something so frightening.
I will bringeth the fire!

But then after that, Ill want to go somewhere.
Somewhere new.
Somewhere exciting.
Somewhere where I can drink something out of a pineapple perhaps?!

Hai babe your hairs alright.
Hai babe lets go out tonight.

And lastly,

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And We Float


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Like A Heartbeat Drives You Mad

Check me out ma! Im living the LYPH.

But seriously.
Give that 8 more months and I will be there, you will be there, we can be there together you know.
And the dome will treat us well in every weather every way.

I mean picturing the work and figuring out dome calculations has gotten me so worked up and anxious to move. Perhaps this is why Ive held off on purchases such as a butter knife or maybe even another chair as I only have one.

The dome will shield us from the hot sun, the cold rain, the evil spirits and rabied wolves.
It will be a cavern of stories and laughter and basic to advanced tomfoolery planning.
It will act as a home to Chip and Otto (if a garage is non-existant) where they will safely live and breathe and dream and rest before galloping in the form of mopedry.
It will be a place for you and I to banish hunger as the dome will feed us all, increasing health levels and restore all energies.
It will be a haven for the weak.
It will take us away from the perils of life and transport, daily, to epic levels of divine times.

Also, for now, lets welcome back the warmth and react appropriately.

I can hang for 8 more months, right ma?!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Magic Time

Im moving to France to make me one of these.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lovin' the Shit Out of Blastin'

Now Im remembering the parts of Straight to Blackout I loved, to death.

Check me out at 1.55 blasting!

STRAIGHT TO BLACKOUT from goddestroyer on Vimeo.

Ahhhhhh! My first rally!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hey Sing Into My Mouth ∞²

Oh hi!
You asked me if I was home now.

Well, I think so.
I can call this place my home but its not.
I could call Chicago my home but it most definitely is not (Chicago stopped being my home when we stopped living on Bosworth).
I think everywhere I went whether it was St. Louis, London, Seoul/Busan, Seattle, New York City, Milan, Amsterdam or Milwaukee, I think home was always my most happiest state.
When Im with my favorite faces.
When Im smothered in yuks.
When my heart levels are on F.

I havent felt this divine level of F in so long, until now.

Ive saved Chip and Otto and they have made so many friends.

And I know I will know these favorite faces for life.

I have met someone who makes my heart beat faster and he frightens, excites and together we make everything so wild. He also slays beasts when necessary. Beasts, not animals. And by beasts I mean people who I want him to beat up.

So love, give a listen and know youll still be my home and Ill be your home and one day we will live next door then hopefully then you'll be done with my sardine family painting.

Love now ∞²

Remember me?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

And That's That, For Now.

A million thoughts right now in all genres.

Accueillir, Otto.

Thanks Ian ∞²

Monday, August 3, 2009

Oh Holy SHITballs.


I want!

But seriously forks.
I think Im going to feel all of Otto tonight after work.
I am both nervous and scared.
As I usually am towards everything.

Earlier today I had an exciting moment.
I totally rejetted Chip and cleaned out his cyarb, all by myself and it only took 30 minutes this time!

I dont know if this will make him any faster but at least I know itll be healthier for him.

So for now, Im not sure WHO my date will be to Portland.
Who will be?

The trusty and most forgiving Chip?!

Or the most furious frenchie known to man?

Bee tee dubs.

The motobecane is for lovers.

True story.

My Fangs