Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Something Is Changing Inside Me And I Am Not Freaking Out About It

This morning I met my new neighbor.
She stood there in her very cute lavendar pajamas and her tiny round belly which was a miniature version of my dad's rotund protruding force of nature, and asked one of my fave questions a child can ask me WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!
She could have been 6 years old, maybe 5.
I replied happily (I KNOW WHAT THE SHIT?)
"Im going to work! What are YOU going to do today?"


Um. What, the shit. A) There is no Wal-Mart near us and B) She should be in school. Summer school. What the HALE was she doing by herself in her weird junkyard backyard? What the SHIT is she going to do in a Wal-Mart. There is no such thing as impulse shopping in her vocabulary. She's also too young to know the evils of shopping at such a place, no matter how much they want to sell local produce at too reasonable of a price.

Anyway, I finally rode to work. 2 days of taking the bus from my new neighborhood peaked my blood pressure to OH 3092834.

And all I could do on my ride to work was exactly the last 50 seconds of this most beautiful piece of film.


Travis, being all swell, lead a tiny ride to the sewage plant in Magnolia. HOW ROMANTIC.

Actually it was. I was again hit with the realization that I live here. I live HERE. Not there, not Chicago where I was the most unhappiest person alive. I was really living a new life. I made it. I made the change I made it happen. I live in place, on this planet, that is not there, that is surrounded by water and all things green and shit tons of allergens. My hyper-sensitivity to allergens, evidently, but I continue to live. I love that even after living here for a year and a half, theres still so much to explore and discover. I only wish the same for Travis and my friends who have lived here nearly all their lives. I wish there was a way I could swap out their eyeballs so we can see all things anew together. That virginal experience is always something I aim to gain together. Really. Truly. Anyway, Im so happy this beach exists. I cant wait for my first FULL ON beach fire! And to take photos of our safari ride thru the barracks. I hate that I didnt take photos but I was too scared of getting caught and too excited to do anything but stare with my mouse ajar, ready for drool.

The ghost of Rainier!



I ate some this week and to all those people I gave so much shit to about "it" being all in your head, and that you could eat meat if you wanted to...IM SORRY. Cold chills and painful poo, I no longer need you in my life.



Monday, June 21, 2010

Not So Summer Ready

Its been far too long to get Otto all gussied up but finally, finally, the time came.
The nice guy that Phil is, he let me sandblast my own wheels, not because he hates it more than anything in the world, but because he trusts me.
Perhaps unfortunately for him, it took nearly 3 hours of sandblasting one mag wheel thus leaving us no time for the front wheel.
Mainly because I couldn’t see a dingdongdang thing. SEE?!

Which is actually just fine just fine that we got one wheel done since we found out that powder coating a transluscent powder will give you unwanted results, or welcomed, depending on your preference.
In this situation, it was very far from what I wanted, so much so that I can say that I do not like it. However, I am mopedless at the moment and already am feeling the pains of being without, I will ride it until Phil’s dip tank is installed, where it will then take a mere 15 minutes to strip paint off oh anything.

Without any ill feelings, trial and error.

GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE GAZELLE! But off like butter since this guys done it too many times.

The powdering part that was just too dog-gone awesome….Kinda wish the wheels were more this hot pink than that barf burgandy loaf.

Nooks n cran!!!! What craftsmanship!

Very niiiiiiiiice!

And into the oven. Now would be a fun time to let you know that oven in Korn is “oh-benn.”

Then the burgandy loaf. SUXORS

Phil liked but I did not.

After that exhausting day, Travis and I finally got to see MICMACS. Thoroughly amusing and very satisfying, I give it a 15 out of 16. VERY HIGH MARKS! AAAAAND there was an old timey Peugeot!

And in other news, my new roommate Charlie and I made dinner. For his friends. And for my own curiosity.
We made Mexican-Jew food. SHAKSHUKA! With cilantro and lime and homemade corn tortillas. Eggs poached in a super deep tomato stew of anaheim chilis, onions, garlic, okra and spices. With feta on top, of course.
And a side of peas with homemade butter. He made the butter by shaking buttermilk in a dingdang jar!

I also made snickerdoodles for work, and saved a few for Phil and Naz for helping me with Otto, that finicky snooty bastard.

And lastly, dear Rhan Weasley….the bench you forgot to sit on.

Wish you lived here.

I also wish this guy lived here.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

He's A Rebel And My Blood Pressure Shows It

I have a boyfriend.
His name is Travis.
He is smart and has a sharp sense of humor.
He is kind to animals and destroyer of zombies at an advanced yet reasonable pace.
He is also a moped racer who only either crashes or wins.
Never in between.


Yet Another Graceful Crash from jihee kam on Vimeo.

or wins.


or wins.

As the girlfriend of someone who lives to the X-tremes, I can assure you that my blood pressure does flipflops.
But in the end, Im always in awe of my no. 1.



Yet where would Travis be without his no. 1 mechanic Dr. Michael Mike Nazaroff?
I can only whisper those words into a very dark cave. I have to or Travis would be beat me up he would.

* * *

We pit stopped at a very tasty very heep French bar and had very tasty mac und chaise lounge and vegetable jambalaya.
Immediately afterwards, my eyeballs calculated the 4 corners and I was back in Chicago on Lake and Racine.

My Fangs