Thursday, December 31, 2009

Songs I Listened To In 2009 That I Can And Can't Believe I Liked

This is it!

2009 is just about over and I am shocked just shocked!
So much has happened and the new year promises even more shocking disasters and mysterious rashes. OH RAPTURE!

But seriously forks.

Life without a home computer is hard.
I have a shit ton of photos I need to upload.
I have more abusive words to share.
And in due time it will all converge into a sordid mess.
Kind of like the day of my birth, which will be in 2 nail-biting weeks.

But for now, before anyone starts pulling on my hoop skirt, Id like to share a few songs I listened to in 2009 that I can and cant believe I liked.










8. Oh gad. And forever forever in my small brain.

Now tell me.
What did you like in 2009?
Im listening fondly.

Also, Im sorry we all cant be together tonight but please know Ill think of you a couple times and wonder if youve yarfed yet.

2010 = T3∞³

Friday, December 25, 2009

Frozen Greetings and/or Thoughts From A Neighboring Future

I am currently frozen. Everywhere.
And as every holiday season brings stress and fatigue (heart pains when I cough! What the SHIT?!) I know I should be lucky with what I have. And I am.
Im just ready to leave the midwest for something a little bit warmer.
And a little bit happier.

I am thinking of all the new faces in my life (+ JAN/KAG ∞²) and I am replaying your voices in my cold brain and I am excited and I am smiling.
Ill see you all soon.

And before I forget.

Merry Christmas now.

My new life harbors only the most exciting electric things and fantastic things to come in the future.
I have goals and dreams that, for the most part, have become clearer and most definitely attainable. Finally.
I have flushed the majority of my once toxic life and have begun unlocking forgotten emotions.
I am learning and believing again.
And I am surrounded by thee extraordinary.

My first year of this new life and I am speechless.

I made it.

I could sit and think about it for hours.
The emotions are comparable to laying on a vat of warm mashed potates.
And the light in my face would make every glass explode.
Hopefully in slow motion.

Here Here.
I am celebrating you now.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Apologies For Not Improving Your Daily Life, Daily

Id be blogging every day if I could.
I know for a fact that everyone visits this blogge to boost their health levels to a near max.
And because Ive been blogging less and less these days, I apologize.
I apologize for not making your life better.
I apologize for this blogge for not making your every day the best day of your lives.

Dont cry.
I lay in this torrent of letters, threats and pictures.
Of how your lives have fallen to the perils of eternal darkness.
But fear not.
I will be able to blogge more and more as soon as I find the perfect raptop.

So until then, you may continue to send me your photos.
But please, please dont cry, die, listen to these on repeat (or do but only because of how wonderful they are), binge drink, thrash around like this kid, and/or lock yourself in that closet.

If you have fallen into despair please please I too am feeling the following regarding the lack of quality and quantity of these blogge posts.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Generally Speaking, Im Full of Spaz

But its only because you turned my world upside down.

Love now.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thank Ye

Everyone, I am thankful for many things, things that I will now list until I feel like it.

1. Isabella Rossellini

2. The French Fry

3. Neon

4. Explorations In Space and Sea

5. Fashion

6. Learning

7. Linda

8. Michael Keaton In Most Films

9. Baked Ruffles

10. The Mash of Jeff and Eddies brains

11. Places Like Italy

12. Lomography

13. Craftsmanship

14. Fiber Optics

15. Glitter

16. My Grandparents Youth

17. The Mulleavy Sisters

18. A Proper Greeting and Goodbye Between Good Friends

19. The Power of Thread

20. The Weirdos of The World

21. Neil Young's Pitch

22. The Movies

23. Sharing Our Feelings

24. Soulmates

25. Korn Fud

26. Krazy Glue

27. Irreplaceable Shapes and Sounds

28. Soft Pansy

29. The Dictonary, Esp One On A Stand

30. Animals Who Share Their Views

31. The Awful Hen and The Man Who Introduced Me To Chip


32. Nature

33. My Sister Rhanasaurus Rex, Ronald or Rhotato Salad

I want to finish this later because I have something more important to talk about.
During the last few hours of our most excellent 23hr date, after a wonderful walk through the park and a run-in with a green ghost, Travis and I found something so spectacular, it could have only been a sign from Ganesh, Gomorrah, Goldeneye.

Tired and waiting for us, we discovered this hungry creature propped up against a tree.

When we found shelter, we checked to see if it was injured in any way.
And it wasnt.


You can find our review here.

Needless to say, something someone was trying to reach out to us to tell us something, to share a bit of news.

And the news was good.
And we shoot. We score.

Thank ye, thank ye.

My Fangs