Thursday, May 27, 2010

Crazy, Party of 2.

When I am revelling in my outrageously fun demented brain, I always remember that I am never alone.

Thanks Janny.

And no, it is not SKYMALL.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mercury Is So Over Being In Retrograde And By Celebrating, Mercury Chilled Out And We Had A Fun Time


Guess what? Im going to blogge about stuff!

Thursday was my boyfriend's birthday. It was his one and only golden birthday!
We did everything he wanted or else he would hit me.
But here's a secret! I would have anyway because I love the shit out of him.

Travis wanted to have dinner IN the Space Needle (what a SAP!).
We had a few special guests join us.

The views up top were so wild! It was my first time in the Space Needoe so secretly I made it into my day.

Kurt brought a date. She didnt talk much or eat much. Honestly it was weird and awkward especially when she started humming. It just got louder and louder until he took her to the restroom.

Perhaps the highlight of the night was SCIENCE.

Dry ice is a magical and dangerous thing.

Dry ice chirps and tells you shocking secrets about the textile industry.

Later Travis gave the restaurant a scare by casually leaning against the inner rim of the Shpache Needer.

Then later on, Travis and Smudge dj'd cold dark minimal new wave night.

Afterwards, we met the gang at Shorty's for a lively r'tarded time.

It was a happy birthday. I am still left unbruised. JOY

Aaaaaaaaaaaand then I left Apt #206 for good.

And then I became a farmer.




Always a hoot with a good teacher.

And in just a few weeks, Skipper has grown into a most frightening beast.

And sometimes these two are never too shy.

And in other news.

My Fangs