Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lest Not Be Forgotten, Our Zombie Brethren.

Trina blew my mind the other day with her dancing skillz.
But my brains stayed intact.
Which is good because its almost the holidays (EGGCITE! SQUEAL!) and I refuse to give up my brains to anyone.
Not even this.

Trina’s been a zombie for 4 years.
Every year, the zombies of Sheeeatturr get together to celebrate their day of new life; human to zombie.
Thankfully, their appetites have been somewhat neutralized as they now no longer eat humans.
Attacks have decreased over the last century but many fear the return of their more vicious ancestors.

Many have also taken in these zombies and have established warm and caring relationships.
Here you will see Naz feeding Trina a cookie.
Good girl.

Here are my daughters Charlotte and Matilda.
They became zombies years ago when they went to their first sleep over party.
Though they are not twins, they prefer to dress alike just to confuse me.

Here is their little friend Treaty Andy looking very confused.
They often pick on him for his small size and his ill-fitting clothes.

And then there was this.

Oh and Helena Bonham Carter was there also.

Then the next day, I made a Tamale pie. I thought it was pretty dingdongdang great.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Could Dance All Night Like Im a Soul Boy

All the magic all the love all the reminders of the dreams I once had.
They are all still there.

Playing all their heartmelting hits, and ending with Sleep The Clock Around, I wanted to jump off the railing and float.
But that would have messed up my new headband.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Live For You

It may be impossible to ignore the clash of total rapture and total melancholy when filling your/my ear holes with Belle & Sebastian.
And with it being fall (thanks for the reminder KG), another added level of all things past, tonight will bring a torrent of nostalgia, a gush of emotions and we'll cry.
We'll cry with big hearts and think of the ones we love the most, the ones we loved the most, the ones we wish/ed loved us, and the ones we wish were still here.
Belle & Sebastian cemented my grow up time. From 1996 to today and forever.
Tonight will primarily bring flashbacks of my months in London, a profound time a heartbreakingly outstanding turning point in my life and sadly my only moment of pure and true freedom.
All I had with me was The Boy With The Arab Strap.
It was the only sound I wanted. Quiet, exciting, natural.
It was the sounds that walked me through centuries and unleashed an urgent curiosity.
Curiosity in history, in science, in music, in art, in understanding love and the brotherhood of man.
I wanted to know everything and feel everything.
And I still harbor those feelings but only small inklings of those feelings.
Tonight my heart will break and Ill yearn that time and all those feelings.
I only wish I could live like I did right now, in full force.
Maybe one day I will not work like Im working now, and Ill live a bit of that freedom.
Jihee, I remember you and you are still in London.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Three's A Charm

About a handful of months ago, Mosquito Fleet unfurled 3 talents into the race world. Naz, Travis and Philllp.

Try not to spend too much time looking at Brodeo or the other fella, as they are not of Mosquito blood.

This season, the universe held its first Pacific Northwest Moped Race Series.
Many exciting moments were had, with many things exploding (a piston and a ring or 3), many mysterious flat tires, pulleys, clutches, ninners and nannerdings,
I can hardly recall a more exciting time.
Actually, I can. But thats besides the point.
The point today is, is that moped racing is alive and exciting and I am anxious and frightened for next year.
I will race next year.

But really, let us enjoy a more photographic story of this weekend's magically freezing extravaganza.

FIRSTLY, I nearly sat on one of these. All that is left is a suffocating kind of curiosity.

We arrived in Pertland quite late but not really all that late anyway, nay it was close to midnight. We arrived to a house of fun buffoons, mainly DUDES. Many were already intoxicated to a point of retardom, and many just could not stand still or up really.

Here you will find Orlando, a baby faced grown man, on his 6th fall onto the ground. He had just broken a table and remained still on the floor, while we scoured the living room for things.

A large garbage bag filled with "buttery" popcyorn fell from the heavens, and was ripped apart and thrown about the porch, making it a very exciting evening, watching people fall to their knees and Kurt eating only the whole kernals, and those not touched by spidaars.

I had grown tired of the night, as there were only dudes around and I had no one else to put things on or annoy, and/or I was drunk and stoned and sleepy.
We damned the freezing cold and slept on the bus. My nose was clogged thus not smelling the air, thick with mouth breathers. I walked around the bus only to find Kansas John's insides spewed onto the ground, and an eager seagull watching o'er yonder. The second we left, the seagull made its way to breakfast. Crackers, cheese, liquor and maybe a little bile.


Kurt appointed himself as the leader. As you can see here, his condo has been decorated with the ceremonial Condo Association Leader of the Island door decor.

Also seen here would be our island condo association.

When spending the weekend at the tracks, you get to know a lot about people.
Here you will see Kansas John interviewing Travis (#37) while trying to squeeze in lunch.

With this being the very last race of the season, many were teary eyed and very very emotional, often seen in the arms of other men for support.

Actually, they were not showing emotions in the "Reach Around" variety, but rather this blurry photo is of Travis (#37), unexpectedly gaining the help of a scooter fella with his bottle of champagne for his victorious 1st place win in the mopeds class.

Actually, there were many people wanting to touch Travis and join in on the emotional win.

Travis also won a trophy for being a "Good Idea Travis" (re: UB Rally/scheme to get people to come to the race)

Phil also won a trophy for most matching in the best way.

Kurt did not win anything but a pail filled with spidaars.

I too was emotional, but just because no one fell for my trick.

The dirt bikes were also very emotional that the season was over, so emotional that they dangerously rode around sobbing.

Im sure Travis (#37) was also very emotional. Without a friend and lead mechanic like Naz, where would he be? Where would any of us be?

It was a tearful and like I said over and over again, a very emotional weekend. I offered to drive the bus since everyone was choking on tears, but alas, my heels do not touch the ground.

And we left.

I replayed the weekend in my mind but settled for feeling so proud of our 3 charming racers and so happy that Travis (#37) did not break any bones.

Keep it clean.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hot Wheels

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Friday, October 15, 2010


This week Ive been blown away.
Not only by the overwhelming power of sinusitis, or freely streaming Chicago Public Radio on my headphones at my new desk (Ive been promoted), or Travis' english muffin sandwich.
But Science. And nature.

And big time blown.

Trav made me a diamond.

My Fangs