Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Touchdown L'Oceanne

Travuegh, Scraper and Camp Dad and I went to La Push the other day, the other day being a few weeks ago. And while we camped the ocean, so did Kurt, a few hundred thousand miles away. I think it was the closest we got since he left.

ANYHEWDLES It was my first time camping right on the dingdongdang ocean! The Pacific Ocean and I totally got married and now Ill never separate from the great west coast. WEST SIIIDE F'LIFE !!! (unless I had the chance to live in London again, then we'll have to break up SORR!)

But first we visited a farm and ate their berries. They had really pretty pets.

Scraper of course did his thing with the ladies.

And we left for our friend laocean.

And we got there and we were sooooooooooo eggcited.


I think I did a pretty good job as Condo Ass President. Right?

My first beach fire!

There were so many wonderful THINGS

And a bomb diggety meal of polenta, fennel, potatoes YOM YOM.

The tide came in so we couldnt go exploring around the islands so we waited til morn and boy were we eggcite.

And my most favorites!!!

And Tarb was so eggcite to show me his new house.

And Camp Dad was eggcite for kites.

And Scraper was just loving life.

And just like that we left. One night only and it was well worth it.

Those boys are still talkin about those Twihard honeys.

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  1. Looks like you found some major predators on your trip, the Pisaster ochraceus starfish!


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